Specialization is our key to success
We are exclusively focused on the restaurant and hospitality industry. We understand the strong dynamics of and constant challenges of the industry, and we offer holistic and applicable solutions as well as practical tools to achieve improved financial returns and sustainable upward development.

Business first, but not without passion
We understand that your restaurant business is first and foremost a business that needs to generate a profit and thus needs to be managed and operated accordingly. But we also believe that a restaurant is more than just a business. We share a deep passion for diverse culinary experiences and are convinced that a successful restaurant owner or manager should do the same.

Support at any stage
We help entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hospitality industry with strategic advice, ranging from opening a new business to running existing operations profitably to expanding their business. We will help you shape your business according to your vision and support you with our expertise and inspiration.

Who are we? German-based, but globally-minded
Cookhouse Consulting was founded by German restaurant owner and food industry expert Manuel Haeussler. He has formed a young, international and dynamic team, which makes it possible to offer our services around the globe. 
Our perspective comes from years of hands-on experience in the Food & Beverage industry, and our agile consultants have years of day-to-day real-world food business experience. We have also incorporated the expertise of dynamic marketing specialists as well as creative designers.