Without any doubt, the current Covid-19 pandemic is a global crisis of historic scale and complexity. For business owners in all sectors around the world, this is an especially challenging and an existence-threatening situation for their organizations. Sadly, the restaurant & hospitality business is among the most severely affected industries and many restaurant owner around the globe are currently experiencing their worst business situations ever.


A crisis is always a turning point. It can be the end of your business because you are overwhelmed by the challenges, run out of funds and have to close down, as many operators around the world already sadly have had to do. But it can also be a starting point towards a bright future with new opportunities arising. Being aware of the challenges, we know that it takes thorough management, optimized operations and a lot of creativity to get through this crisis and create a sustainable future for your restaurant & hospitality business. We are here to help you make exactly that happen.


A lot of operations are currently closed due to the general holiday/government lockdown, but for restaurant operators, it’s time to step to work now. We offer a wide range of services specifically tailored as a response to the impacts on your business due to the Covid-crisis. 

COVID-19 Response Package 1:
Navigate Through The Crisis With Lockdown Measures And Other Restrictions


First and foremost, we will help you to reduce expenses and preserve sales. We offer support to optimize your operations and provide useful marketing guidelines during those meager weeks. It is important to make your restaurant/hotel Covid-safe with new hygiene protocols and operational guidelines. We can also help you establish a delivery arm or optimize your existing one.

COVID-19 Response Package 2:
Use The Time To Optimize Your Operations And Your Concept


This is such an important time to improve the overall health and state of your business. This is the time to evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are. We can help you with an in-depth analysis of your business and support you to train your staff (new skills, higher standards and smoother execution). It’s also a great time for minor investments in your facilities and improvements in the overall dining atmosphere. We can help you to overhaul your menu and introduce you to some seasonal bestsellers and new recipes.

COVID-19 Response Package 3:
Concept Makeover

If you were experiencing low business for a while even before the crisis, this is a great time for a concept makeover and a fresh start when the crisis is over. Our international team has a plethora of creative concept ideas that will help you stand out from the local restaurant scene. We will also help you develop a new and innovative marketing strategy for a successful relaunch.

COVID-19 Response Package 4:
Be Ready For The Reopening

Your restaurant might have been suffering from low revenues over past few weeks, but we can help you to be ready and the best version of yourself when the lockdown and the crisis are over. Once this global crisis finally dies down, the demand and cravings will be exceptionally high and families and friends will flock to the restaurants to gather and dine. We will help you and your team to be ready with a refined menu and optimized operations.