Our Packages

We currently offer four pre-set Service Packages for the most frequently requested consulting inquiries. All of these modules can be combined and modified to bring about the best possible results for your business. In addition to these packages, we offer an array of additional services. We will gladly help find the best solution for your business and customize your individual service package.

Package #1:
Menu Overhaul


The fastest and surest way to improve sales, margins, the guest experience, and brand relevance is through effective menu strategy. We will conduct an in-depth assessment of your food and beverage menus and analyze the appeal and attractiveness as well as its practicability. Close attention will be paid to the Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) Analysis and the respective staff costs. We will help to refresh your menu with new recipes, the incorporation of food and beverage trends and an attractive design.

Package #2:
Operation Assessment


We will assess all operational procedures in your kitchen, bar and service. The overall goal is to optimize and smoothen all processes and, where possible, cut down on excess expenditures. We can train your kitchen and service staff and provide managers with useful operation manuals and checklists.

Package #3:
Marketing and Brand Strengthening


We will start with an assessment and thorough review of existing marketing strategies and materials. We will sharpen your Value Proposition and devise an overall marketing plan for your business. We will work out those strategies that serve the development of your business best, ranging from traditional advertisement to digital and social media marketing. This module also aims to strengthen your overall brand strategy and helps you to operate as a strong and popular brand in the market. 

Package #4:
Start-Up Consulting and Concept Development


Starting a restaurant is a passionate business adventure like no other. Market competition is high and there are endless challenges to tackle: thoroughly developing the right concept, finding the ideal location, choosing a winning design, working out an attractive menu, finding and training your staff and much more. We can provide hands-on quality support for those vital tasks, and we highly recommend connecting with our professional consultants to do so. We provide a comprehensive concept development process that defines the details of your new brand, and we will support you with all the necessary tools you will need to successfully open your restaurant.

Package #5:
Your Individual Service Package 

Using our industry expertise and knowledge, we will develop a flexible and tailored strategy to your company’s needs. Our involvement can be as little or as much as your needs dictate.