Our Services

We specialize in both successfully launching new restaurant startups as well guiding struggling food business out of tough periods onto a sustainable and profitable path. Our restaurant business consulting team dedicates itself to providing solutions for new and existing businesses. Whether yours is still a little more than an idea in the concept stage, a new restaurant startup, a well-established business going through a tough period or one in need of a new brand strategy, we have valuable and applicable tools for the development of your operation.
Cookhouse Consulting can give your business an alternative perspective and a fresh impetus for struggling areas of operation. After a thorough assessment of the current state of business, we will provide you with a better understanding of the strengths and shortcomings of your venture and devise a goal-oriented and systematic roadmap with applicable tools to improve profitability and the overall success of your restaurant business.
We understand that as a restaurant business owner, you want to have a profitable business, a strong and recognizable brand and a unique and alluring offer that attracts and satisfies your guests. Our team will help you to be profitable in the long-term as well as with immediate revenue boosts. We will help you create a recognizable brand and a positive image by identifying and shaping your unique selling propositions (USP) and letting everyone know how amazing you, your food and your team are. 

Concept and Business Development


Business Plan Creation

Market Research

USP Development

Start-up Consulting

Feasibility Studies

Concept Development

Project Development and Sales Campaigns

Concept Development of Delivery Service

Concept Development of Catering Service

Recipe and Menu Development


Food & Beverage Strategy

Recipe and Menu Development
Recipe, Portion and Styling Manuals

Menu Design

Macro and Micro Food and Beverage Trends

Development of Vegetarian/Vegan Options 

Vast Experience in Different Cuisines

Menu Pricing and Costing

Optimization of Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) 

Menu Psychology and Behavioral Economics 



Strategic Marketing Concept

Marketing Strategy

Development of Value Proposition

Identification of Target Markets

Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Point of Sale Marketing

Surveys and Market Research
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Brand Development

Systematic Brand Development

Cooperate Identity

Cooperate Design

Logo Development


Brand Manual

Operations Assessment and Quality Audits

Comprehensive Operational Assessment
Process Optimization

Undercover Dining Assessment

Kitchen Work Assessment

Service Assessment

Marketing and Social Media Assessment
Customer Relationship Assessment

Labor Management and Talent Development


Efficient Labor Management

Operation Manuals

Coaching of Managers

Coaching of Kitchen Staff

Coaching of Service Staff

Service Etiquette

Pre-Opening Training

Employee Handbook

Open/Close Checklists 

Job Descriptions and Position Profiles

Hygiene, Safety and Food Handling


Hygiene and HACCP Consulting

Food Safety Training

Concepts for Handling, Storage and Conservation

Implement Health & Safety Protocols